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At Bahamas Luxury Transportation we have acknowledged that the lap of luxury also comes in transportation, and we provide it. We are the Chauffeur’s Guru; therefore, we have a standard that is quintessential. At Bahamas Luxury Transportation our wide range of fleets has optimum standards and are equipped with the latest technology for our client’s comfort. Each client’s unique request can be accommodated by our professional team. Just make the request and we will deliver! 

We have over 15 years of experience coordinating large groups for events and luxury transportation. We service private shuttle transfers for group bookings, conventions, tours, proms, weddings, funerals and dinner transfers.  Our transportation team can coordinate any group size. We are here to provide exemplary services that are undeniable. 

Our vehicles are operated by highly qualified persons who have undergone thorough safety protocols and customer service training to ensure that our clients are offered the highest possible level of customer service.

Firefly Close, Carmichael Rd 
Nassau, The Bahamas 
Office Hours: 8am -8pm
Telephone: 1-242-677-5543